Why Choose us

What is a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a logistics specialist that helps both businesses and individuals navigate the world of transport and logistics. Freight forwarders help to arrange the movement of goods between the shipper (business or party sending goods) and the transportation company.

Why use EMS Cargo?

EMS cargo is not locked into a contract with one Transport Company, but can hunt around for the best freight rates from origin to destination. This reduces costs and improves flexibility, offering the customer a greater variety of transport options to match needs and budget.

Through experience and expertise, EMS cargo can ensure that the appropriate documentation for any particular destination is correctly filled out and processed (in accordance with local and international laws). This ensures that the freight doesn’t get held at customs terminal or incur any extra fees.

EMS cargo can streamline the shipment process from pick-up with shipper to customs clearance and delivery at the Consignee.



If you are unsure of what the most cost effective method for sending your goods is don’t worry because we can offer you all the advice necessary. We can work out all the relevant costs for sending your goods by Courier, Air and Sea and show you the ETA for each method. As well as this we can help with all the relevant paperwork that needs to be carried out to send your shipments to particular destinations in the world. We would describe ourselves as “A one stop shop for all your shipping needs”.